On the Chengdu Plains the ancient city remains of the Bao Dun culture, being traced back over 4,500 years, is considered as the origin of Chengdu city. 3,000 years ago, in the era of the San Xing, Jin Sha and Shi Er Qiao Ruins, a largest and earliest ancient city emerged on the inner Chengdu Plains. From then on, the city never changed its location for 3,000 years and more. During the early Warring States Period Chengdu’s urban district turned to be the settlement of the Kai Ming Dynasty. Down to the late Warring States Period, King Hui Wen of the Qin State conquered Shu in 316 B.C. Afterwards Chengdu turned to be the seat of the local government of Shu prefecture, and at the same time Chengdu County had been established.


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